Edinburgh, Scotland

From Circle Of The Crone


The city is ruled by a "Provost" - Jacques Antoine De Mounier of the Invictus - who came to power after peacefully deposing the previous Provost (also of the Invictus). He is advised by one member from each of the Covenants. Neither Jacques nor his predecessor made public the reasons behind their decisions not to claim Princedom. It is believed by some that Jacques chooses not to claim the title 'Prince' as he is merely acting as a care-taker of the city until the return of the "true Prince" - the torpid Prince Abendnego (believed to be Ordo Dracul).

Attitude to the Crone

The Crone were barely tolerated in Edinburgh until relatively recently. They were given grounds outside of the city and the use of Cruac within the city was forbidden. With the change of Provost the tide turned for the Crone. The restriction on Cruac was not mentioned and is considered (by the Crone) to have been removed. The Provost also chose a Crone to be his seneschal - Lady Rhianne O'Neill, the Heirophant of the Circle in Edinburgh.

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